Why Upholstery Cleaning is Essential [3 Reasons]

Mar 14, 2022 | Upholstery Cleaning

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With all the important tasks you have to keep up with around your home, it’s understandable that upholstery cleaning may be pushed to the backburner. What’s the big deal, right?

Truthfully, there are actually many benefits of upholstery cleaning, and also some dangers your home could be exposed to by neglecting it. Here are just a few reasons why keeping your upholstery clean and cleaned is so important.

#1 – Upholstery cleaning can extend the life of your furniture.

Not only does upholstery cleaning help make your furniture look its best, but it also removes dirt and other particles that break down upholstery fibers and make them wear out faster. To help get more life out of your furniture, keep up with routine upholstery cleaning—even long before your furniture looks noticeably dirty.

#2 – Chem-Dry upholstery cleaning helps promote good health.

Even more important than your home’s appearance is it’s safety for your loved ones and pets. Dust, allergens, odors, and more settle into the soft fibers of your upholstered furniture and can actually cause some serious health concerns if not cleaned properly.

Thankfully, Chem-Dry doesn’t just clean your furniture, but we remove common household non-living allergens from carpets and upholstery. Plus, our method uses 80% less water than competitors—meaning your furniture will dry faster with a significantly decreased risk of mold or mildew growth.

#3 – Chem-Dry upholstery cleaning improves indoor air quality.

All the nasty things in your furniture don’t just stay there—they’ve actually transported into the air you breathe. But don’t worry—Chem-Dry upholstery cleaning leaves your home cleaner. This improves indoor air quality and makes your home a safer, healthier place to live.

Upholstery Cleaning in Marin County, California

The benefits of Chem-Dry upholstery cleaning are clear—in terms of both the appearance as well as the overall health of your home.

We’re here to help you breathe easier through our upholstery cleaning services, the ease of our process, and by offering it at a price you can afford.

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