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A Natural Approach to Carpet Cleaning

There are many carpet cleaning companies throughout Novato, San Rafael, and Marin County. Everything from steam cleaners, carpet shampoo solutions, vacuum cleaning, and more. If you’re looking for high-quality carpet cleaning services, look no further!

Clean Living Chem-Dry is a trusted carpet cleaning company in Navato for a reason. With trained professionals and specialized products and cleaning solutions, we’ll leave you with deeply clean carpets that look good as new.

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We use Chem-Dry’s signature cleaning solution, The Natural®, which utilizes the natural power of carbonation. Just like using club soda to get out a stain, the tiny effervescent bubbles in our cleaner penetrate deep into your carpet’s fibers lifting dirt and grime to the surface where it is easily removed. This process allows us to clean your home without using harsh chemicals or excess water. Our Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) process uses approximately 80% less water than traditional steam cleaning methods which means your carpets dry completely in just a few hours.

The Natural® is also non-toxic, so it’s safe for your home, family, and the environment. It’s extremely effective at removing stains and dirt from your carpets. This means you’ll have a healthier and happier home for you and your family!

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Our Work

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Innovative Cleaning

Clean Living Chem-Dry is preferred by customers and professionals alike throughout Novato, CA. You won’t find better performance when it comes to carpet cleaning in all of Novato or the surrounding areas. Read our customer reviews to see what people in Navato are saying about our services.

“Clean Living Chem-Dry did a great job for me. In fact, I was so happy with them that I have switched to them for regular carpet cleaning. They were very accommodating with time and put me in their schedule right away. Their technicians showed up on time. The work itself was very competently taken care of. The way they do it, the carpeting dries a lot faster. I thought they made an extra effort to do a good job and I was very happy with how it turned out. Their customer service was just wonderful, both on the phone as well as in person.”

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