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How Healthy Is Your Carpet?

  Did you know that there are about 200,000 bacteria that live in the typical home's carpet? It might be hard to believe, but your carpet is one of the most germ-filled areas of your house. Yes, even dirtier than a toilet seat! Carpet is home to about 4,000 times...

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How Often To Clean Your Couch & Upholstery

  Summer is coming and going! It is the perfect time to refresh the home and clean.  If you want to have a clean, healthy home, here’s a fact you should know: the dirtiest item in your home is likely your couch.  Surprised by that? There are tons of places we clean...

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Decorating Small Spaces With Area Rugs

One way to bring life into a smaller room is to add in an area rug. Rugs can add a lot of artistic value and a colorful design to any room. They are also a much cheaper option than installing carpet. If you are wanting to add design and depth to your home but don’t...

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How to Make Your Vacuum Last

Is your recently purchased vacuum already starting to lose its power? If so, you’re not alone. It is almost everyone’s first reaction to go grab their vacuum on the occurrence of any little mess. But vacuums have a limit and eventually will lose the power they once...

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Why Do Carpet Stains And Odors Reappear?

Have you ever spilled something on your carpet, cleaned it up, and it looked good as new, only to find that the stain reappears a day or two later? This can be extremely frustrating, especially if you have thoroughly cleaned the area multiple times. In order to...

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Maintaining Rugs in High-Traffic Areas

 Many people choose to cover high-traffic areas of their carpet with throw rugs to protect the carpet itself.  But how do you protect these rugs from wear and tear? While it may seem an unlikely ideal, it's not. There are ways to keep your rugs looking prime.  With...

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